The hexagon has more to it than we think, and some of the aspects of this shape are still

mysterious. The series is an ode to the aesthetics that I fell in love with in a geometrical

fascinating how hexagons are part of our life but fail to realize this. It all comes down to the

element that is present throughout our body, and that is carbon.

The use of the form dates back to ancient mesopotamia ca. 690 BC in the form of hexagonal

shaped cuneiform of the Assyrian king Sennacherib´s annals, and is one of the first humans

found to utilize hexagonal shapes.

The series comes in natural solid pine or burned pine that gives it its character and tactility in

the visible wavy woodgrains.

Ode chair in burned pine

Ode chair in pine

Ode three legged stool in burned pine

Ode side table in pine

Ode side table in burned pine


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