With the core values of the Discovered project, touch, reflection and strength in mind,

I reflected that our apartment was functioning like a bunker in that period of isolation in april

2020, protecting ourselves from the outside world and from that I got the idea to make a

bunker inspired furniture that would represent the emotional connection to these thoughts.

My association with bunkers comes from the war in Iraq when me and my family protected

ourselves in a room functioning as a bunker in our home. An experience that many still have,

to protect themselves from a visible enemy and now we found ourselves fighting an invisible

one today.

Drawing from the similarities in experiences between my own childhood where there was a

visible enemy to be protected from and my young sons where there was an invisible one.

I then made two sculptural pieces of furniture to represent these two worlds defined by

strong monolithic forms and a sense of stillness.

The sculptural pieces serve as a side table or stools and together as a bench or as a low

sideboard, inspired by bunker architecture.

The name Lahmu comes from Mesopotamian mythology of a protective deity that was

supposed to ward off demons and sickness.

Discovered project was initiated by Wallpaper magazine & AHEC

and exhibited at the Design Museum in London, september 2021.

DIMENSION: L 90cm H 50cm W 70cm each

MATERIAL: American cherry & burned oak


2022 © Sizar Alexis


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