Made in blackned solid steel in Eskilstuna, Sweden. The name Girra comes

from the ancient Mesopotamian god of fire and light, whom also

possessed wisdom of metallurgy.

The Girra candle holders are Inspired by the ancient Mesopotamian myt-

hological tells and architecture forms of successively building upwards in

levels where people were raising structures to show power and to reach

heaven. Some of those buildings like the origin myth of the Tower of Babil

and the ziggurats that where massive structures buildings for local religions

which were temple complexes.

Girra Candle Holder Large

Dimensions: Height 14cm, Ø 20,7cm

Girra Candle Holder Tall

Dimensions: Height 20cm, Ø 11,9cm

Girra Candle Holder Short

Dimensions: Height 11,5cm, Ø 14,5cm


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