Accessories Podium Series

A mini podium like tray for jewelry, watches or keys, that keeps and

enhances our everyday valuables. The idea behind this series is to have a

minimal sculptural jewelry tray for everyday use jewelry in and also as an

interior detail in our homes. The series is hand casted in water based composite material.
Mineral powder and water-based acrylic polymer and pigments are mixed together then
poured in a mould to create every piece.

Accessories Podium Small

Dimensions H: 2,8 cm Ø 9 cm

Accessories Podium Large

Dimensions H: 5 cm Ø 16,5 cm

Accessories Podium Medium

Dimensions H: 4 cm Ø 12,5 cm

Accessories Podium Jumbo

Dimensions H: 8 cm Ø 22,5 cm


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